Exodus's Thorn

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ISBN: 9781457525155
264 pages

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Should one man be allowed to control so much of the country, the planet, the solar system?

Life has handed Easton Thorn a mixed bag. He was born with a keen intellect, yet he hasn't exactly made the most of it. He is treading water in his sometimes mind-numbing accounting job in the bowels of a large multinational corporation when he meets a friend and mentor, a man with a blueprint to the future that the corporation has ridiculed and ignored. Then fate steps in with a financial windfall, and suddenly Easton Thorn is a billionaire.


About Andrew O'Neill

Andrew O'Neill is an engineer who has designed and managed a variety of satellite and wireless communications systems for government and commercial customers for over twenty years. Always a fan of science fiction, he got the urge to write his own book just a few years ago. He has traveled extensively for work and with his family. He lives outside Washington, D.C. with his wife, two children and two dogs.



Is the dog being walked without a leash any freer than the dog being walked with one? This question crossed Easton's mind as he walked down his street, noticing the Mullers with their golden retriever, Rusty, walking obediently by their side without a leash and the Cranes' young Labrador, whose name he did not know, stressing her owner's arm.


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